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Lauren is a transplant from Western Massachusetts, since 1994. She has two life changing teenagers and is a single mom. Lauren is also making great changes in her life as she just joined the team at Keller Williams Palm Beach Central. She is thrilled to be helping her clients find spaces where they can create life long memories.

Represent Thursday.

I try to group rings with meaning.
Depending on how I am feeling, they tell a small story.

Here’s today’s.



Writing even when you don’t feel like it….

Re-visiting a lesson that I know to be true…..

Move forward even when things don’t feel “quite right”. Put one, platform adorned foot in front of the other.
Do one thing different every day.
No matter how small.

Paint your nails a color that is out of your comfort zone….

Try a new food….

Start a book of a different genre…..

Start little and make it an attainable thing!

Morning Musing….

Carpet that absorbs spills. Older gentlemen with old tattoos that have bled into something unreadable and uneasily unrecognizable.
Impatient faces. Bad tv. Bad coffee with powdered creamer that bunches when you add it to your coffee.
And one woman typing frantically on her iPhone to make a post.


DW House Candle


DW House Candle

I was scouring Homegoods yesterday and came across this candle. First, the lovely mirrored jar caught my eye as well as the simple font on the front of the candle…..
Then I saw the fragrance…. Tobacco and Suede!
I love the more exotic and spicy fragrances and this was fantastic. My nose was joyous!

Absolute best part?
The price……
at $6.99 I think I will get a few more as gifts!